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Conservatives for Conservatives; not Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown's calculation is that no matter what he does conservatives will vote for him because we have no other option. That may be true, but who says we have to go anywhere – we can just stay home. I’m Out is a third party organization whose members are conservatives who are organizing against Patrick Brown. Our position is simple: if Patrick Brown is this corrupt now -- just imagine how bad it will be after a few years in power? How hard will it be to get another Conservative elected for twenty years thereafter?

Our Objective

I’m Out is still in the nascent stage but given the recent events there are a lot of party members feeling betrayed and isolated so we felt that we should announce now. In a couple of months we will have a more substantial announcement but in short we will be targeting specific ridings with the intention of having the conservative vote stay home and to make it harder for Patrick Brown to attract swing voters – after all if his own party says Brown can’t be trusted that says a lot.

"You're just going to help Wynne win"

Maybe. As distasteful as that is, the party responsible for Ontario's problems should be the ones to bear the brunt of the fallout, not leave the mess for someone else to clean up. What the Liberals have done to the province of Ontario is inexcusable and they have to be replaced but replacing one corrupt party with another is at best a lateral move. Everything Patrick Brown has done to date leaves no doubt that if OntarioPC is elected under his leadership there will be no solutions implemented, corruption will continue, and Brown will make the party radioactive for years to come. Conservatives agree on very little, but we can agree on this: Brown deserves to lose more than Wynne deserves to win.

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Want to share your own disappointment in the party? Drop us a note. Want to get involved? Drop us a note. Even hate mail is welcome at hello@imout.ca

Disenfranchised Candidates

If you're a candidate and was cheated out of your nomination, you are not alone and we want to hear from you. If you're considering running as an independent but feel it would be overwhelming and too difficult, please reach out. We can help you organize and provide you with the tools to have a fighting chance. This election is going to be very different and we will be seeing multiple MPPs elected who do not belong to the three major parties.