Going Forward

Remaining Unaddressed Nominations

We’re happy with the outcome but disappointed that not all of the nominations that needed to be reopened have been addressed. We still feel that at least some of these problem nominations can be addressed but for that to happen conservatives in those ridings need to take the lead. We’ll support you and even do a lot of the heavy lifting but conservatives from within the ridings with problem nominations have to express a desire to proceed and they have to do some of the work. So if you’re in a riding with a contentious nomination e-mail us at hello@imout.ca and we can talk -- otherwise we have an election to win.

Cash Memberships

One of the reasons what happened was possible is that the Ontario PC Party allows for memberships to be paid for with cash. As it currently stands roughly a third of the current members are fake. The cumbersome voting system kept these zombie memberships from voting in the recent leadership race and the passage of time will correct the membership list but the Party needs to ban cash memberships. The federal party banned cash memberships shortly after Patrick Brown “won” the leadership in 2015 and it is time the provincial party follow their example.

After The Election

The Party executive needs to be completely replaced. They not only allowed Patrick Brown to happen but some actually assisted Brown in co-opting the Party. They have to go. The financial accounts of several ridings associations need to be audited and people need to be held accountable. The Party has a duty to ensure that funds donated to the Party by the membership were not misdirected. If the Party ignores that duty they will lose the confidence of the membership.

Patrick Brown

If you came hear looking for the two posts I made regarding Patrick Brown they can be found here ( What the affidavit acutely means and Why Brown’s response to the Integrity Commissioner is lacking). I feel that there is a lot that will come to light regarding Patrick Brown and his time as leader over the next eighteen months. The financial irregularities can not be explained away and fully expect that a criminal investigation will follow.

Based on the pieces that have been made public and some pieces that have not I have a very basic idea of what was going on but not a complete picture. If you have some of those missing pieces and want to share them, please don’t hesitate. Anything sent will be treated in complete confidence. (hello@imout.ca)