July 25, 2024

When Should Kids Start Cleaning Their Teeth? 

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A lot of parents aren’t sure when their children need to visit the dentist. Some are convinced they don’t need to visit them until they have a full mouth of baby teeth, others believe it’s earlier than that. The truth is that from infancy, the baby should check a dentistry service because that’s when dental care begins. For instance, young children should be brushing from as young as twelve to eighteen months.  

So, when should your children clean their teeth, and why it is necessary to start so young? 

Infancy is When Oral Health Begins 

As strange as it sounds, babies as young as six months old can start the journey of oral health. Of course, it’s slightly different. For instance, parents should use a damp cloth or special tissues to cleanse the baby’s gums before the teeth erupt. This can be invaluable to the baby and begins their journey to good oral hygiene and health. While the baby probably won’t use a dentistry service until a few more months, it’s still invaluable.  

Brushing and the Introduction of Toothpaste 

Parents should use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean their baby’s teeth when they come through. You should only brush with a bit of water to remove any food debris. Of course, the child (around two years old) can begin to use a child-friendly toothpaste. Parents will need to assist the child with this process as they can find it difficult. If you’re unsure about which toothpaste to use, consult your dentist 

Supervise the Child as They Get Older 

Let’s say you have a five-year-old. You should initially supervise them while they clean their teeth. You could even brush your teeth alongside your child’s. If you set them a good example then the child will follow your lead. It’s a great option to consider. Also, a dentistry service will advise you when your child needs to work on their teeth more.  

Poor Dental Hygiene Calls for Greater Treatment 

Children need to get into the habit of looking after their dental care. It’s important to drill it into them from a young age because it remains with them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, if you don’t teach the child about good brushing, it often leads to poor dental health. It typically means more trips to the dentist and more expense for you. 

Instead, get the child into a cleaning routine and encourage them as they get older. Instilling good dental hygiene in them from an early age will encourage the child to continue with that into later life. Remember, poor dental hygiene at a young age often means costly and painful dental treatments too. That’s why you should always visit a dentistry service routinely.  

Teach Children Early to Install Good Values 

Sometimes, children just need some gentle encouragement to look after their teeth and gums. It can be a lot less complicated than it sounds but incredibly effective. That is why children should brush from around one year and make continued visits to the dentist. It does make a difference and ensures the child is given the best start in life. A dentistry service is a valuable dentist resource for parents to use today.  

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